Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Three Day Book Sale

Make the most of this sensational opportunity to download the books below in the next three days. December 6-8 only. All are greatly reduced to just 99cents. Three days only.

Check time zones to be sure of prices.

Reviews for Place of Many Birds
"Whilst I've never been to Australia I have read many books set there, Nevil Shute and Colleen McCullough both spring to mind and the descriptive language of these short stories, reminded me very much of the mood and sense of place that these authors give.

The tales are gently unfolding and there is a lazy moodiness which sets the tone and suits the subject matter of the stories.

The characters, wildlife and scenery are all brought vividly and expertly to life. Very enjoyable."
Sophia Gampton
" This is an excellent book, really well done! I don't tend to read short stories all that much and after reading this wonderful book, wonder why? I bought it because Australia interests me. The stories take place there and the reader is transported to a different time and place through them. To be able to create a story with a minimum of words that is compelling, gives the reader a complete sense of people, place and time, I think is sheer genius. If you're a fan of story stories, if you're interested in Australia, or if you simply want a good read, this one delivers. I can't recommend it highly enough!"
 Dianne Harman

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